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An oldie but goodie I forgot about, this is a Travel story I originally printed in The Luddite Worker #3.  I’ve lost most of that material since went down for what seems like the count at this point.  Luckily I posted this on Squat the Planet when I was briefly addicted to that website.

Courtship Luddite-Hobo Style

In the fall of 2008 I was smitten by a crush I had on a Fellow Traveler I met while WWOOFing on a seed farm in Virginia.

One night she was spinning yarn with short fibered, colored cotton we were removing seeds from, with a drop spindle she had made with a potato and a chopstick. Need I write more?

Being mostly a hobo from the midwest, I started talking with her about wool and flax, the two locally produced fibers I had experience with. I lent her a ‘zine on growing flax and processing it into linen, and offered to send her a sheep’s fleece next time I was back in the midwest.

Fast forward about a month and a half. While taking a break from husteling up a grub steak in Des Moines, I went to a New Years Eve party in the southern part of Iowa. There I met up with a friend from the Little Farm, and swapped To Inherit the Earth, a book about Brazil’s Landless Workers’ Movement and some packets of seeds for a sheep’s fleece. The only problem now was that it was filthy! I liked my crush enough to send her the fleece without asking for anything in return, but I didn’t like her enough to clean it myself.

I took my chances and went to a UPS store back in Des Moines with the fleece in a garbage bag. As my luck would turn out, I was stuck in line behind an atractive female, and the smell of wool and sheep crap coming from the fleece was punishing! I was worried she might think the smell was coming from my body, but she never even made eye contact with me, so it didn’t really matter, I guess.

I finally got up to the counter, and started lazily chewing the fat with the worker as they struggled to get the garbage bag into a box. After a few tries, what I was worried about happened. The worker started screaming, “What is this!?” as clumps of wool, sheep crap, dirt and straw literally poured out of the bag and all over the counter. Having been worried this would happen, I was prepared to act like I thought what I was doing was some how normal and/or okay.

“Wool! I told you it’s a sheep’s fleece!” I yelled back, motioning with my right hand like it was a pair of sheep shears. “It’s wool right off of the sheep!”

The worker regained their composure, and after helping clean up the mess, it was shipped off to Indiana, where my crush was staying with her sister. Later she sent me a thank you e-mail, while taking a break from cooking a pig’s head. The next time I had a steady mailing address, she followed up by sending my a bottle of ginseng tincture she had made, from the root of a plant she had grown while I was lumberjacking in the Missouri Ozarks, and she was working on a sheep dairy in Washington. She included a thank you note that said the fleece was beautiful, after it was washed.

Other things of interest:  cover art, and The Chiapas Project from The Luddite Worker #2worm bin composting tutorial from The Luddite Worker #3 Carlos Cortez reproductions silk screened from The Luddite Worker #4.

On Oogle Blvd.

Greetings and welcome to what I was thinking of printing as a ‘zine called Love, Rage and (Dis)Connection! This is a ‘zine I’ve been brainstorming about doing for a while but only recently decided on this format, at least for now.  I was in the Autonomous Zone Infoshop (A-zone) Collective for about the last year and four months or so of its existence, February 2003-June 2004, as a collective operating a space, then as a collective renting from another collective, the New World Resource Center.  I’ve written about this elsewhere so I won’t waste too much space except to write that only many years later when editing a ‘zine about the A-Zone did I find out about the Network of Anarchist Collectives (NAC) and its journal (Dis)Connection that it was a part of before my time.  This ‘zine is available for free in a readable and print worthy format here:

If I had the access to the resources I would reprint four articles on Intercollectivism from (Dis)Connection #4 & #5 to be read and hopefully learned from by the many comrades who have been in similar discussions since the 1990s and perhaps are unaware of these older ones.  Especially here in Arizona where we recently had a state wide Arizona Radical Coalition (ARC) which initially came out of the three cities that had Infoshops, Flagstaff, Prescott and Tucson, and Phoenix which is the sixth largest city in the U$, and whose metro areas saw two Infoshops start and stop within the time ARC was still going.

The articles I picked are:

Networking journal of the Network of Anarchist Collectives (NAC).

Networking journal of the Network of Anarchist Collectives (NAC).

Intercollectivism: A Critical View of NAC, from DC#4 pgs. 16-21

Forming a Network That Works, DC#4 pgs. 23-5


Federation Blues: Love & Rage’s conference of the long knives, DC#5 pg. 5

More on Intercollectivism, DC#5 pgs. 16-19

If I do print these materials, I might be adding some personal material about Travels and experimenting with different forms of collective living and calling it On Oogle Blvd. as a nod to On Gogol Boulevard by Neither East Nor West and an admission of the mess my life is.  I think I’m doing the best I can all things considered, but, you know…

If you are interested in seeing ‘zines like this, please write me at alextheweaver at gmail dot com!

Political Prisoner Birthday Poster For June 2014 Is Now Available

Originally posted on Internationalist Prison Books Collective:

cupcake@Hello Friends and Comrades,

1) Here is the political prisoner birthday poster for June. As always, please post this poster publicly and/or use it to start a card writing night of your own.

2) Seven prisoners at Polk CI in Butner, NC have started a hunger strike to protest their conditions. According to prisoners in the facility, additional men have been joining the strike since that first day. The strike was initiated in part by prisoners who were transferred out of Central Prison, following a class action lawsuit against the facility for abuse by guards in various “blind spots” around Unit One. That lawsuit has already forced the administration’s hand in videotaping any cell extractions by guards.  You can read their demands here.

Please support these men by sending mail and making phone calls to:

Frank Perry, Secretary of the Division of Prisons
4201 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC…

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