4 days left, 42% funded! We Need Your Support!


We have 4 days left and are currently (as of Sun. Sept. 30) 42% funded to reach our crowdfunding goal on Rockethub.com!

Hopefully you’ve already received messages about efforts to raise funds for initial down payment to purchase our community center.

Maybe you’ve already donated, if not please consider doing so now. Donations can start at $5 and we’re offering some creative rewards for folks who contribute. If we reach (or hopefully surpass) our goal, our project gets additional benefits from Rockethub and we are charged a smaller percentage for their services. Our campaign is also currently on the front page of Rockethub.com!

If you’ve already donated and read all about our effort, please consider assisting us in spreading the word (via social media, email, blog posts etc!) about our campaign.
You can copy the info directly from www.oybm.org/silei, or from http://www.rockethub.com/projects/10536-silei-community-empowerment-project.

You can also view and share our video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfbR3rTkvbs&feature=share&list=UUxcUQ5NVyH2-vjTGx0bZulQ

Thank you for your support to purchase our center for art, activism, and community in Northern, AZ!

Ahee’ hee’,
Klee Benally
Silei Community Empowerment Project Volunteer

indigenousaction@gmail.com | www.twitter.com/eelk


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