New Blog


I started this blog pretty much as a place to store drafts of articles as I worked on them. I’ve started another at which I think will be more for things like sharing pictures and keeping track of news as I’m trying to figure out where I’m headed with things.

I first started blogging in 2001 as a way to do my ‘zine at the time, Outlet, for free. To me it’s a format that has both pros and cons, and I’ve been pretty disciplined about keeping this blog purely about things I consider news worthy. But even then I seem to end up with a lot of odds and ends that are related to the topics I work on and write about that don’t fit into the serious articles I write such as the drawing above by Alec Dunn from Just Seeds which I still plan on using for a ‘zine that at least touches on the supply chain or the photo below from a pilgramage to the Haymarket Square with some of my coworker comrades when I had a warehouse job last year taken by a passer by.



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