The Halfway House

One of the main reasons I’m in Tucson right now is I’m helping start an Arts Collective at the Halfway House, where I’ve been living at since the end of February. We’ve been getting some technical help from a good handful of people including Jeik from Tan Line Printing.

The Halfway House Arts Collective (What is it?)

The Halfway House is a Punk House just north of Estevan Park in Tucson, Arizona. We recently started having shows, and are starting to make stencils and do silk screening.

Many of us live together, more people practically live with us including a steady stream of Travelers and their dogs.

We’re also friends and work with many artists that don’t live here and expanding that network is the main point of this ‘zine (this was written for), especially in regard to our comrades behind bars. For us, art is a labor of Love with hope for a better future.

If you are interested in getting involved, please hit us up at scenereports at peoplenotprofit dot net!


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