People of Color Organize!

Two summers ago I started contributing to the website People of Color Organize! (POCO!) with a call for submissions to a journal for Anti-Capitalist Artists of Color.  I mainly started this blog as a place to store my submissions to POCO!.  On the anniversary of the Cuban Revolution the site shut down.  I had regularly submitted articles of my own, links to news stories worth following that weren’t getting much press, and links to art, especially music for their Saturday (Radical) Culture posts and my suggestions were often accepted.

Two huge ways that POCO! has effected my life and writing was I got into writing book reviews since I was able to get a number of review copies of new books for free.  Before I started writing book reviews for POCO!, the only other published review I had written was for an internal bulletin of the Socialist Labor Party of America (SLP) The SLP Newsletter around the summer of 2005.  Book reviews has become one of my favorite formats and has allowed me to write in a way I feel comfortable about events I haven’t been directly involved with.  As a writer this has been huge.  All of these reviews are stored on this blog under my studies tag.

The second way POCO! actually changed my life is that I was recruited to the editorial collective of the journal and website People Not Profit through an article of mine that was published on the site. For a small window of time I was submitting most of my material to both outlets and now the bulk of my work will continue through People Not Profit. Here’s a huge thanks to everyone who was involved with POCO!; creating and/or sharing content, or just following the stories. As the recent Not Guilty verdict handed to George Zimmerman shows, the struggles of People of Color are long from won in this country and world. We need to be united and strong, and control of our own media is part of that.


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