Visiting Oregon

After visiting Portland Oregon where I was also involved with the Occupy encampment that was happening in August, I decided to hitch hike back to Eugene to connect with the Cascadia Forest Defenders to check out a forest defense action happening in southern Oregon.  The Cascadia Forest Defenders have been tree blockading the White Castle Timber sale via tree sits, stopping the destruction of remaining old forests in southern Oregon. They are looking for support, and will provide what they can for people who come out such as food, training and gear.

According to their call to action, “The White Castle timber sale is the first of a new type of clearcut – a Variable Retention Harvest.  Variable Retention Harvests cut 70% of a forest leaving the remaining 30% in little scattered patches. The science, developed by Drs. Norm Johnson and Jerry Franklin, is that there is not enough young forest around for species that need more meadow-like habitat, like butterflies and moths.”

Taken from:

For more information please check: or write cascadiaforestdefenders at riseup dot net!

Hotshot from Klamath Falls, Oregon to Dunsmuir, California

Hotshot from Klamath Falls, Oregon to Dunsmuir, California

Afterwards I came back to the San Francisco Bay area to help with the new issue of Slingshot! and check out squats. Hopefully I’ll have more posted soon! Sorry these last two posts are out of order. I’ve been a bit discombobulated lately…


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