Socialistic Gaming

Around the time I first became seriously involved in radical politics in the fall of 2001 I became addicted to a computer game called Age of Empires III. The thing that bothered me most about the game, really the only thing aside from how much time I was wasting playing it was how basically imperialist it was. I wondered, what kind of games do or have they played in Socialist(ic) countries?

I found this game, Class Struggle (TM!), for the first time at a housing co-op in Madison, Wisconsin. I can’t remember if it was at Emma Goldman’s which I stayed at my first time in Madcity when I came there for the Pencils and Pandemonium Anarchist Bookfair and Soccer Tournament, or at Lothlorien when I stayed there the next year and actually played the game.

I just found this game set at the Long Haul Infoshop the other day. I’m going to try to set up a game night before I leave.


We did have a copy of the board for Anti-Monopoly at the South Side Punk House in West Lawn, CHicago when I lived there, but none of the pieces to actually play it. The board just kind of hung out in what passed for a living room there but was usually full of our landlord’s brother’s filthy equipment from his plumbing job…


I also found a copy of this game at the Long Haul, but open closer examination doesn’t seem as radical, being a game about small business fighting monopolists. But what the hay? It’s better than most games out there I’m sure.



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