‘Zine Reviews

MalintZINE #1


A ‘zine by radical women involved with the struggle for Mexican American Studies (MAS) in Tucson, Arizona.  Mostly prose, there’s a lyrical sense in most of the writing that gives the whole ‘zine flow along with the poetry, and creative formatting from page to page similarly interacts with with the art.  Sexual assault, a gay bashing, and fat phobia are confronted within communities of color and the struggles against racism and for MAS.  Suggested listening through a mix tape page and suggested reading are also included.


Kids of the Black Hole:  Perspectives On The North American Punk House

edited by Bryan May

Mostly dealing with Punk Houses in Portland, Oregon and Santa Cruz, California where the editor has lived, there’s also one article about an old Punk House in Portland, Maine, the Coyle St. House.  This is a long overdue contribution to the body of literature dealing with different forms of collective living.  Articles, artwork and photography are mixed well, though the tone is largely negative.  It’s far better than the fluff pieces that usually circulate that make out collective living to be the be all and end all with little or no imperfections, it’s largely a synopsis of everything that can go wrong with living in a Punk House, with little of what makes it one of my favorite forms of collective living.

Copies can be ordered at http://blackmold.storenvy.com/products/1524502-kids-of-the-black-hole-perspectives-on-the-north-american-punk-house-zine or write brybry at riseup dot net to see about ordering with cash.


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