On Oogle Blvd.

Greetings and welcome to what I was thinking of printing as a ‘zine called Love, Rage and (Dis)Connection! This is a ‘zine I’ve been brainstorming about doing for a while but only recently decided on this format, at least for now.  I was in the Autonomous Zone Infoshop (A-zone) Collective for about the last year and four months or so of its existence, February 2003-June 2004, as a collective operating a space, then as a collective renting from another collective, the New World Resource Center.  I’ve written about this elsewhere so I won’t waste too much space except to write that only many years later when editing a ‘zine about the A-Zone did I find out about the Network of Anarchist Collectives (NAC) and its journal (Dis)Connection that it was a part of before my time.  This ‘zine is available for free in a readable and print worthy format here:


If I had the access to the resources I would reprint four articles on Intercollectivism from (Dis)Connection #4 & #5 to be read and hopefully learned from by the many comrades who have been in similar discussions since the 1990s and perhaps are unaware of these older ones.  Especially here in Arizona where we recently had a state wide Arizona Radical Coalition (ARC) which initially came out of the three cities that had Infoshops, Flagstaff, Prescott and Tucson, and Phoenix which is the sixth largest city in the U$, and whose metro areas saw two Infoshops start and stop within the time ARC was still going.

The articles I picked are:

Networking journal of the Network of Anarchist Collectives (NAC).

Networking journal of the Network of Anarchist Collectives (NAC).



Intercollectivism: A Critical View of NAC, from DC#4 pgs. 16-21

Forming a Network That Works, DC#4 pgs. 23-5



Federation Blues: Love & Rage’s conference of the long knives, DC#5 pg. 5

More on Intercollectivism, DC#5 pgs. 16-19

If I do print these materials, I might be adding some personal material about Travels and experimenting with different forms of collective living and calling it On Oogle Blvd. as a nod to On Gogol Boulevard by Neither East Nor West and an admission of the mess my life is.  I think I’m doing the best I can all things considered, but, you know…

If you are interested in seeing ‘zines like this, please write me at alextheweaver at gmail dot com!


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