This is another oldie but goodie I found poking around the ‘net, a press release we started at a collective meeting but actually finished at my work while I was on the clock for the press conference we had with Chicago Direct Action Network (DAN)-Labor, the local Anarchist Black Cross (probably called Chicago ABC, it was part of the ABC Network as opposed to the ABC Federation back in 2004 when this happened), Not In Our Name (NION), the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), president of the local National Lawyers Guild (NLG) and Fred Hampton Jr. when we found out the Chicago Police Department’s Red Squad had been re-activated to monitor the above named groups.  You can read more about that in the ‘zine, The Autonomous Zone Infoshop: The A-Zone and a Decade of Anarchy in Chicago.


CHICAGO–We, the Autonomous Zone Collective, are an anti-authoritarian organization.
We have been operating infoshops in the Chicagoland area for ten years. Our spaces
are used to facilitate political-social events in a fight for liberation from state

We provided a space for some of the planning meetings around the time of the 2002
TABD Conference. Our group was one of the organizations that were infiltrated by the
Chicago Police Department in 2002 and some of our members were targeted for
harassment and false arrest.

The Chicago Police Department’s response is just another example of the state’s
historical systematic targeting of activists. Chicago’s history is rife with the
institutional abuse of power: from the genocide of the indigenous inhabitants of the
area to the repression we encounter today when people can’t organize against
military occupations abroad without being monitored secretly by the police.

It is illogical to say we are fighting for freedom abroad when our freedoms are
being siphoned away at home. Our government is perpetuating a climate of fear in
order to ensure compliance from the public. The security apparatus is designed to
protect the privileges of the minority of corporations and their politicians at the
cost of the civil liberties of the majority of the people.

Therefore, in defiance of this atmosphere of unwarranted fear, we feel it is
imperative to the survival of our freedom that we continue to organize against the
wars abroad and the incursions of our civil liberties at home.


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