Hydra House: Holdin’ it Down for One Year Today!

Photo taken at a solidarity action opposing the Rote Flora eviction last year.

I’m glad to be able to write that I’m in Oakland for the one year anniversary of the Hydra House’s being cracked open as a squat. Tomorrow I should be leaving for Sacto one way or another then hopefully heading back north.

Though there’s a great deal of noteworthy things going on in the Bay Area, I don’t feel like my presence is necessary at all. I know I’ve written about stopping using this blog before but right now is a good time because I’ve got all of the articles I’ve written for the last three or so years posted, so anything new I start can be a fresh break with the past.

If I come back I’m going to relate to things and people in a very different way.  I’ve already stopped checking my last two e-mail addresses in preparation for this.

Out like spandex,

Alex Iwasa


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