The Political Pre-History of Love and Rage

Anarchist Struggle in the 1980s and 1990s by the Anarchist History Nerd Brigade

The text of this ‘zine was largely adopted from the article After Winter Must Come Spring:  A Self-Critical Analysis of the Love & Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation and The 1997 Love and Rage Members Handbook.  For anyone interested in how a serious attempt at organizing first a North American wide Anarchist newspaper then a continent wide revolutionary Anarchist organization in the 1990s was able to form groups and co-ordinate the efforts of already existing organizations in the U$, Mexico and Canada, please check this ‘zine out.

What I found most fascinating, was how many of the protests and anti-authoritarian movements in the 2000s were clearly descendents from happenings in the 1980s, such as protests against the major political parties’ conventions in the U$ in 1988.  I also was excited to read of how Neither East Nor West had emerged as an Anarchist response to a Revolutionary Communist Party U$A (RCP) front group, No Business As Usual.  For all the debate that goes on about how to try to maneuver as anti-authoritarians in or out of such organizing in the U$ when it does at least sometimes manage to bring great numbers of people out in to the the streets around just causes, it added another perspective I hadn’t seen or heard before and would be interesting to learn more about.