I am an adherent to the Anarchist/Autonomist/Anti-Authoritarian People of Color (APOC) tendency.  I started this blog primarily to contribute to the now long defunct People of Color Organize! website.  I’ve meandered through doing a few other text heavy blogs in the meantime…





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  1. re administrator- sorry and please this has to get personal about chris day cuz thats the way some things went down in @ history, in Love and Rage , ask anyone who was there- i was a founder too with one leg in and one out- i was too busy with Neither East Nor West-NYC (nenw), bike messenger organizing and my poetry to be a central player though i left my mark when needed. L&R was born out of the yearly larger and larger ‘n.american’ continental gatherings of @’s. during 80’s (to early 90’s? when it got too big in san. fran. with 3000 of us). a bunch of differing sorts wanted a continental pub. at the 1st official meet in chicago i’d divvy it into the squares and more @ wilder ones like me- we were outnumbered. nenw had a pub called On Gogal Boulevard (ogb) which was a networking mag of new social movement sorts from mostly east and west. it was a big hit and we had an autonomous section (like ABC and The Anarchist Youth Federation) in l&r. nenw’ers took turns in doing the page and the office in nyc was open for any to use the computers. i was there quite a bit and REPEADEDLY other members of l&r would diss on chris but i didn’t want to hear gossipy details. his name was already mud as a ‘leftoid’ , conservative, and hidden authoritarian. it got so bad that 4 staffers at once were quitting over him at one point. i didnt think it was my place to ask what everyones problem with chris was and in hindsite that was a mistake as i can’t give many particulars- but they were there. he tried cancelling the autonomy of the sections and got voted down at a steering comm. in nyc. but at one yearly l&r meeting i couldn’t make (i was the nenw ‘natural leader’ and though we had no rules everything happened by concensus including a meet chris went to and helped fix a messy letter to a contact in moscow- no one in the group by that time wanted anything to do with l&r cuz of its leftism except me) he pulled a fast one and got ogb thrown out which brought out HOWLS. EVERY major (about 6?) @ pubs immediatly wanted and got ogb sections. protest letters came in from around the world. a long searing letter by me about the authoritarian treatment of ogb was printed in the l&r internal bullietin. a smaller searing letter was published in l&r signed by all including about 6 easteners. at a l&r production group meeting myself and the easterners showed up to protest and we were quickly blown off! the easterners said c’mon bob lets go. imagime if a group of poc got the same treatment!! you have to be an anti-authoritarian to understand that the analogy is CORRECT!! chris also made trouble in a black bloc type group in nyc that was by invitation only- i was invited except by chris because i was told he said i was “sexist”-probably cuz l&r was having its silly porn war and liking sex i like to look at it too. ho hum. anyway i couldn’t go into the meeting for awhile cuz guess what? probs with chris’s whatever shit- i never asked. but i had to ask about the sexism crap and was told by a women it was quite the other way around as some guys don’t get “no means no”…oh he’ll i suppose tell true stories of how i went thru l&r’s gargage- i sure did as they got some zines etc that nenw didnt get…
    he RUINED the paper- BUT, so did PLENTY of @’s that let it happen when they could have gotten off their lazy asses and gotten involved in l&r and made it a go. sadly l&r was hardly even a blip in @ history- chris made no contribution to anything

    i have something of a history of nenw-nyc which i’ll mail to anyone–

    “b”oB McGlynn, Subcommandente of The Peoples Republic Of Poetry– bobnenwogb@aol.com

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